Indoor / Outdoor Tip N’ Roll Bleachers

Indoor / Outdoor Tip N’ Roll Bleachers:

  • Highest seat is below 30″ so it does NOT require safety rail.
  • Anodized aluminum planks.
  • Custom colored powder coated planks available at 9′, 15′, 21′ length – scarlet, royal, green, navy, forest green, gold, orange, purple, white.
  • Mill finish foot planks.
  • Strong powder coated understructure.
  • STEEL under structure frames are powder coated black – LIFETIME WARRANTY – cheaper systems with aluminum frames will have 1-3 year warranty and the frames will eventually crack at the welds.
  • Single & double foot planks available.
  • Rolls on non-marking casters.
  • 2 1/2″ rubber footpads ensures stable, non-marking when it use indoor.
  • Meets IBC recommendations – check with your local & state codes.


Tip N’ Roll Bleachers – Includes WHEEL ASSEMBLY for easy mobility.

2-row, 9′ long – sits 12

2-row, 15′ long – sits 20

2-row, 21′ long – sits 28

3-row, 9′ long – sits 18

3-row, 15′ long – sits 30

3-row, 21′ long – sits 42

4-row, 9′ long – sits 24

4-row, 15′ long – sits 40

4-row, 21′ long – sits 56

Colored powder coated planks are an additional cost per linear foot of total seat and foot planks. VOLUME discounts apply to multiple unit purchases.

Available in single and double foot planks. Hands down the 3 row 15′ systems are the most popular. All the seat heights are a comfortable 17″ high. On the 4 row systems the first two rows are 11″ high which is a little low for adults but certainly not uncomfortable, and it does get you the most seats in a given space. The top two rows stay at 17″. The 15′ is easy to move around and you can stay generally stay with single foot planks. Often spectators will slide in since they don’t end up that much farther from the end. Also consider that people will often climb the seat planks in the center to access the middle seats. On the 21′ systems, many people move up to double foot planks so people have a larger target when they are stepping over other people’s legs. On the 21′ you’d get more people holding the end seats and making others step over their legs to get to the middle seats. The double foot plank there helps give those spectators a bigger landing area but it’s not absolutely necessary by any means.

I price the units at a very small margin and figure exact freight to your location to make you the best deal possible.
Do not pay one flat price that includes shipping. I will beat that price by hundreds!

The First Team TNR bleachers really are the best in the industry. Our casters and construction are the same we use on our commercial portable basketball systems so they will withstand considerable abuse, and the under structure itself is all powder-coated steel for durability, protection and aesthetics. Competitors use aluminum for the under structure.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – Other manufacturers that use aluminum for understructure frames typically put a 1-3 year warranty on the systems. First Team systems have a LIFETIME warranty. It’s the superior quality of the components that allows us to do that. You can tell a lot about the quality of this type of product by the warranty the manufacturer is willing to put on it, particularly where the understructure frames are concerned. Aluminum frames will crack eventually as the stress of tipping them up wears on them.









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