For that professional look! Available in a variety of colors and sized to your specifications.

Elevate your facility and build team spirit with custom graphics.

  • Center Lacing Lip – Standard for screens over 6′ in height. Extra row of grommets prevents wind damage and billowing.
  • Brass Tooth Grommets – Spaced 18″ apart on all sides.
  • IncrediSeal Technology – All sewing eliminated means no thread breaks! Provides a clean look and lays flat with no pleats or black webbing.


Custom Printing on Classic or ArmorMesh

Classic Mesh (VCM18x14)
• Light weight (10 oz.) vinyl coated mesh – easy handling.
• 88% closed weave provides more privacy and displays.
color and printing beautifully.
• Budget friendly – quality fabric at a low price.
• 3 year warranty.
• Available in 15 colors.

ArmorMesh (VCP18x18)
• Heavy-duty 16 oz. material – the most durable windscreen on the market.
• Excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance (up to six times more than traditional windscreen) – stands up to harsh weather conditions.
• 85% closed weave allows for more wind passage.
• 5 year warranty.
• Available in 13 colors.