Column, Corner & I-beam Padding

Column, Corner & I-beam Padding:

  • 4-sided NO OSB, velcro flap closure or vinyl flap/grommets.
  • 3-sided column, with or without OSB.
  • 3-sided tapered column, with or without OSB.
  • Corner pads made to fit, with or without OSB.
  • i-beam pads for any width face and height, up to 96″ tall.
  • Round post pads in almost any width diameter, up to 96″ tall.


3 and 4-sided column and round pads that fasten with a velcro flap closure. On pads that have a vinyl flap/velcro, we sew the 2 sides of the velcro to the vinyl flap.

Corner pads can me made to size, with or without OSB backboard depending on what you are fastening them to.

I-beam pads are affixed with velcro and and adhesive, commercial hook & loop (commonly known as velcro). We sew the one side to the back of the pad, the adhesive side that would be applied to a steel beam or wall has commercial grade adhesive. The yellow i-beams pictured were stuck to unpainted, rusted i-beams. We wiped the dirt off and applied the receiving piece of velcro. Pads have stayed in place through sub freezing temperatures as well as high heat and humidity (Old Forge, NY).

Pads made with OSB (oriented stand board) are designed to be screwed to your wall. If we skip the OSB we then use a vinyl flap with velcro or grommets, or sew velcro into the back of the pad.