Bleacher Enclosures

Bleacher Enclosures:

  • Custom graphics available.
  • Custom sized to your specific system.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Durable material.
  • Easy installation and removal.


The purpose of bleacher safety curtains is to enhance the safety for spectators at your team’s games or other competitions. While many of us can fondly remember racing with our friends underneath the bleachers, we can also remember our friends or others falling and getting hurt. As more kids began to get injured underneath the bleachers, administrators began looking for ways to reduce these injuries. By installing bleacher safety curtains, you can reduce the number of injuries and accidents that may occur underneath the bleachers.

Bleacher safety curtains also help deter theft, vandalism, or any other criminal activity. While you can’t stop every illicit activity from happening, you can prevent the vast majority from occurring.

Not only do bleacher safety curtains enhance the safety of your spectators, but they can also electrify the atmosphere within your arena or another facility. When people come to your facilities for games or other competitions, they want to be entranced in the atmosphere.

Have you ever gone to a sporting event where the crowd wasn’t engaged in the game and had no pride in what was happening on the court? If you have a bland athletic facility, your fans aren’t going to get that contagious excitement you’d expect at a game. With our six-color printing mechanism, we can custom-print a variety of graphics on your bleacher curtains to enhance the atmosphere within your athletic facilities.