Receiving Requirements

Shipments of equipment purchased through typically come via freight carriers. Freight carriers are not obligated to unload. I can make arrangements if that service is needed with advance notice. Those services come with additional costs. It is the customers responsibility to unload and inspect the equipment for damage before the driver leaves the delivery location. Damage MUST be noted upon receipt. We do not get ‘concealed damage’ coverage due to the nature of the products.

Most products can be off-loaded with 2-3-4 guys. All components are individually boxed even though they are wrapped on a pallet. Pallets can easily be broken open and off-loaded box at a time.

I will provide receiving instructions when I email you tracking information for your shipment. This mostly applies to all padding products and basketball backboards. Unless a delivery is clearly destroyed, I would encourage you to receive everything and just document the damage at the time of delivery; note what you are receiving as damaged and take pictures. I will get it squared away with you from there. I will never ask you to accept anything that is not to your satisfaction.

Tom Nicotera, cell 858-692-1532