First Team PortaCourt Sentry Portable Tennis System

First Team PortaCourt Sentry Portable Tennis System:

  • Vinyl coated cable
  • Black powdercoat finish
  • Packages include heavy-duty double top six net
  • 3.5″ OD schedule 40 aluminum posts
  • Safe and secure worm gear winch will not backdrive
  • Quick detach handle
  • Adjustable post collar
  • Packages include white center strap with anchor
  • User supplied concrete ballast block
  • One person transport


If you are looking for a portable tennis set that truly provides game type performance, is easy to move and easy to store, look no further than First Team PortaCourt Sentry portable tennis set. This is the first and only portable tennis set with weighted base units that allow for true game level net tension without the need of a long bulky stiffening bar running under the net from post to post. The PortaCourt Sentry set is held firmly in place via (19) solid concrete blocks that provide roughly 570 lbs. of weight per base. Though the PortaCourt Sentry base units are weighted to allow competition level net tension, they are easy for one person to roll around on a hard smooth surface and the block never need to be removed. To transport the unit simply retract the 3 stabilizer footpads on the base and push or pull to roll. The PortaCourt Sentry winch post is equipped with our safe and simple worm gear style winch design that prevents the risk of hand injury due to back drive common with competitors net winches. Each unit includes 2″ thick base padding to cover both bases for player safety. Complete system includes two bases with posts, tennis net, net winch and base padding in your choice of 16 colors. The PortaCourt Sentry Portable tennis set is covered by First Team unmatched Lifetime Limited Warranty. If your court calls for the simplicity and flexibility of portable tennis set, don’t settle for less than First Team quality. Make the right call with First Team’s PortaCourt Sentry portable tennis set!