Stage Padding

Stage Padding:

  • 2″ thick stage padding, blank or custom printed.
  • Easily removable or we can make to screw to the stage and hinge up to access any storage that might be under the stage.
  • Removable panels are easily removed by anyone.
  • No special tools needed.


Removable stage padding is an ideal way to protect players from hitting the sharp corner on the face of a stage. The padding is held in place with Velcro strips.

Removable Stage Padding, 2″ thick polyurethane foam and vinyl cover. Price includes velcro to affix to stage. A typical configuration is 6″ padding for stage top and 30″ down the face/front of stage. We generally make them in equal 4-6′ sections to cover the width of stage. WE CAN MAKE ANY SIZE NEEDED. 12″ top, 44″ face, no problem.