Portable Fencing

Portable Fencing:

In-Ground – Create a fence on natural turf.

• Quick and easy to set up and take down.
• Pole spacing: 10′ standard, 5′ for reduced sagging.
• 4′ high and available in 5 one-piece lengths: 300′ HR (471′ LF), 200′ HR (314′ LF), 150′ FL, 100′ LF, 50′ FL.
• Available Colors: Green, Blue, Red.
• Create a temporary enclosed ball field with HR marker.
• Low cost.
• Requires minimum storage space in off season.

Above-Ground – No holes required, set it up anywhere.

• Quick and easy to set up and take down.
• Pole spacing 10′ standard, 5′ for reduced sagging.
• Weighting for each pole to stand up to wind and prevent tipping.
• Available Colors: Green, Blue, Red.
• An attractive, durable and cost-effective solution for baseball/softball outfields, and perimeter and crowd control needs.
• Quick and easy installation/removal with minimal storage space required.
• A cost-effective solution.
• Perfect for any event where drilling holes is not an option or not preferred.


Optional Upgrades

Distance Banners for one piece kits.
Distance banner available as 200 or 300.
Custom banners available.
3 Stock Colors.

Vinyl Pole Pockets.
All versions of portable fencing are available with pole pockets to make setup and take down even easier.

5′ Pole Spacing.
Increase stability and reduce sagging for an even more attractive and durable outfield solution.

Optional Sockets.
Provide enhanced ground reinforcement (In-ground only).

Premium Fencing Kit (In-ground only).
Everything you need in one kit!
Available in two sizes, for a 200′ or 300′ home run distance with poles either every 5′ or every 10′.
• Socket Kit.
• Foul Pole Kit.
• Distance Banners.
• Tape Measure.
• Auger to drill ground holes.