Scorer’s Table

Scorer’s Table:

8′ and 16′ Scorer’s Table – Complete graphics included.

  • 30″ tall, 24″ deep.
  • Formica top (grey).
  • Two 3″ openings for electrical.
  • Folding legs.
  • 30 oz vinyl.
  • 7/16″ OSB pad backboard.
  • Top lip reinforced with 3/4″ plywood.
  • Includes all hardware.
  • Custom printed graphics.
  • Built your own table? We can come up with a padding solution together!



Player safety – One of the primary benefits of a padded scorer’s table is the enhanced safety they provide to athletes in any gymnasium. Scorer’s tables often attach to one of the lowest rows of the bleachers, so because scorer’s tables are so low and close to the playing field, athletes are at risk for colliding with them, especially in high-contact sports such as basketball and wrestling. By adding custom padding to the front of your scorer’s table you can reduce the chance your athletes are injured in a collision.

Fan safety – In addition to creating a safer playing facility for your athletes, padded scorer’s tables also increase the safety of your fans. If athletes collide with the bleachers, the padding on the tables can reduce the chance the athletes are injured, while also creating a barrier to protect the fans.

Organization spirit – Padded scorer’s tables are a great way to enhance spirit within your organization’s facility. We can print your school or organization’s colors, mascots, logos, fonts, sponsors, etc.

Built your own? We can pad it together!