First Team Thunder Portable Basketball System

PRICING: Please don’t fall for dealers that post a price and a BUY NOW/ADD TO CART button. Those prices are WAY HIGHER than you need to pay. I take the time to run freight quotes and unit price discounts based on the system, model and quantity you are looking for. Please use the ADD TO QUOTE feature on this page and submit your inquiry and I will follow up.

Pending model and number of units:
Thunder Portable – $5999-6599

First Team Thunder Portable Basketball System:

  • Optional bolt-on TuffGuard backboard padding.
  • Rim height adjusts for smaller players.
  • Safety padding covers front, side and rear of base unit.
  • All steel components are powder coated to protect against the elements.
  • 8″ non-marking casters lock into position for play.
  • Compact and easy to roll.
  • Adjustable overhang extension.
  • Post to backboard extension is 48″ at 10′.
  • Ballast not included. Recommended 700 lbs.

MODELS: Model name designates backboard size and material and in some cases the style of goal.

Arena – 42″x72″x 1/2″ tempered glass backboard, competition breakaway goal, net

Supreme – 42″x72″x 1/2″ clear acrylic backboard, competition breakaway goal, net

Pro – 36″x60″x 1/2″ tempered glass backboard, competition breakaway goal, net

Select – 36″x60″x 1/2″ clear acrylic backboard, competition breakaway goal, net


The Thunder portable basketball goal is an excellent choice for any school gymnasium, recreational complex, multipurpose facility, or church in need of a high quality portable while working within a budget. The Thunder is adjustable. Its simple to use hand crank allows for infinite height adjustments from regulation 10′ down to 6′. An easy to crank adjustment handle on the backside of the unit telescopes the backboard and rim to the desired playing height. One person can easily move the Thunder portable goal. An easy to grip release crank unlocks the brake and six roller wheels contact the playing surface for smooth portability. The extension arm can be quickly dropped down to allow the unit to pass under any standard height double doors. The distance from the backboard to the base of the unit is 4′ with the rim at the regulation 10′ height. This allows the base of the unit to sit “off the court” for player safety. Heavy foam padding covers the entire front of the unit for additional safety. Padding is available in several colors. The unit is durable and stable enough to withstand slam dunk action and will not tip over when players hang on the rim. This allows the unit to meet an array of facilities and budget needs.

Every Thunder package comes with a Lifetime Superior Warranty which covers deliberate hanging on the rim. You don’t have to put any restrictions on how aggressively players dunk on this system.

Includes all assembly hardware and installation instructions.

BALLAST NOT INCLUDED: This system requires a recommended 700 lbs of ballast.
Recommend solid concrete blocks from local home improvement center. 4″x8″x16″, 2″x6″x14″ blocks or like.

FREE lettering on padding with purchase!

1-color or 2-color letters, maximum 10 letters, 3 font styles to choose from, 16 color options.









Ball Bounce


Height Adjustment




Ballast Box