First Team Fury Portable Basketball System

PRICING: Please don’t fall for dealers that post a price and a BUY NOW/ADD TO CART button. Those prices are WAY HIGHER than you need to pay. I take the time to run freight quotes and unit price discounts based on the system, model and quantity you are looking for. Please use the ADD TO QUOTE feature on this page and submit your inquiry and I will follow up.

Pending model and number of units:
Fury Portable – $3499-3899

First Team Fury Portable Basketball System:

  • Optional bolt-on TuffGuard backboard padding.
  • Rim height adjusts for smaller players.
  • Rim height indicator.
  • Direct mount goal to eliminate backboard stress.
  • Safety padding covers front, side and rear of base unit.
  • All steel components are powder coated to protect against the elements.
  • 8″ non-marking casters lock into position for play.
  • Compact and easy to roll.
  • Post to backboard extension is 48″ at 10′.
  • Ballast not included.

MODELS: Model name designates backboard size and material and in some cases the style of goal.

Select – 36″x60″x 1/2″ clear acrylic backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net

III – 36″x54″x 1/2″ clear acrylic backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net

II – 36″x48″x 1/4″ clear acrylic backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net

Nitro – 36″x60″x 1/4″ tempered glass backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net

Turbo – 36″x54″x 1/4″ tempered glass backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net

Eclipse – 36″x60″x 1/4″ smoked tempered glass backboard, heavy duty breakaway goal, net


The Fury portable basketball goal is designed to withstand the demands of adult recreation centers while providing the flexibility necessary for many churches and elementary grade levels. The Fury is infinitely adjustable. Simply turn the adjustment crank handle behind the unit to lower the rim height anywhere from 10′ down to 6’6″. The Fury’s exclusive crank adjustment design is vastly superior in overall rigidity compared to similar goals using inferior “spring-slide” methods. The Fury is engineered to be extremely easy to move. One person can transport the goal by flipping the lower pad forward and rolling into position. Return pad to upright position to lock base in place for play. The extension arm can be dropped without tools to allow the Fury to pass under doorways. The backboard to base extension is 48″ with the rim at regular height. This allows the Fury to sit “off-court” for player safety. Heavy padding, available in several colors, protects the player from contact with the base unit.

Every Fury package comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty which covers dunking but NOT deliberate hanging on the rim. These are best in supervised applications where you can control how aggressively players dunk on the system.

Includes all assembly hardware and installation instructions.

BALLAST NOT INCLUDED: This system requires a recommended 540 lbs of ballast.
Recommend solid concrete blocks from local home improvement center. 4″x8″x16″, 2″x6″x14″ blocks or like.

FREE lettering on padding with purchase!

1-color or 2-color letters, maximum 10 letters, 3 font styles to choose from, 16 color options.







Ball Response


Crank Adjustment