First Team PortaCourt Stellar Portable Recreational Volleyball System

First Team PortaCourt Stellar Portable Recreational Volleyball System:

  • Wormgear net tensioning crank.
  • Net height indicator.
  • User supplied concrete ballast block.
  • One person transport.
  • Post is removable for transport through doorway.
  • Includes free lettering on padding.



First Team proudly introduces the PortaCourt Stellar portable recreational volleyball system. PortaCourt sport bases provide the perfect combination of game quality net tension and ease of transport for budget conscious facilities that require higher level performance than common recreational tip n roll type sets. Portable volleyball sets are the answer for facilities where floor sockets are impossible or not desired. Each PortaCourt sport base is designed to receive (19) 4″x8″x16″ solid cement blocks (570 lbs.) commonly available at any builder’s supply center.

Simply slide the Stellar volleyball post into the post receiver sleeve welded to the front of the portable base. Then using a 3/4″ socket wrench lower all three protective footpads to the floor. Set net height at men’s, women’s or junior height and you’re ready to play! Each unit includes safety padding to cover ballast box, neck and volleyball post. The base units can be moved by one adult with no need to remove ballast blocks.

Each PortaCourt Stellar package includes First Team’s top quality Kevlar competition volleyball net, antennas, rope covers, post pads and base pads. Free post pad lettering is available upon request. Choose PortaCourt Stellar ST package to include First Team’s fully padded SturdiStand judges stand. When you game calls for a recreational portable volleyball set that promises competition quality net tension and ease of transport. Call on First Team’s PortaCourt Stellar systems to get your game moving!





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