Basement Wall Padding

Basement Wall Padding:

  • Standard and custom size wall padding panels for ANY application.
  • Rainbow of standard colors.
  • Custom colors are available at a price.
  • Available high resolution printed graphics to easily brand your organization.
  • Column padding no problem.
  • Cutouts for obstacles, switches, fire alarm pulls no problem.
  • Single and double door padding no problem.



Wall panels are 2″ thick foam, vinyl covered and mounted on 7/16″ OSB wood back. Each has 1″ fastening lip on top and bottom for easy installation. Pads can be screwed directly into your wall or into horizontal firing strips.

Z-clip fastening system available. Generally $33 for top and bottom on a 2′ wide pad. $23 for top only. Recommended only for rooms where padding has to be removed frequently. Z-clip horizontal mounting strips get screwed into your wall. Wall padding panels get z-clips on panel back and they hook onto the z-clip on the wall. Remember when you remove the panels for storage the receiving z-clip stays screwed to your wall.

All sizes available up to 48″ wide and 96″ tall. We can cut down to any size needed. Standard projects we try to use 24″ wide panels where we can. They hold there shape best, the vinyl holds shape, and if a panel gets cut down the road you only have to pay to replace a 24″ panel and not a 48″.

We can make any size needed. Email me your specific needs and I’ll work it up with you.

Cutouts for obstacles are no problem.

Digital Printed Panels:
State of the art process allows for your logo to be digitally printed right into the vinyl and printed across several panels (usually 2, 3 or 4 panels), retaining the visual appeal of your logo. You provide the artwork, we provide proof before printing.

Digi-Printed panel includes artwork digitizing, printing and wall padding panel. Get creative!